Movie mad dad builds ABC cinema in his back garden and can’t wait to show his favourite film

Film buff Anderson Jones has built an ABC cinema in his back garden as a lasting tribute to the defunct entertainment company.

It took the bus driver four and a half years and his entire £70,000 savings to construct the 34-seat venue from scratch.

Everything inside – from door handles to exit signs – has been reclaimed from old movie theatres.

Dad-of two Ander­­son, 38, said: “My gran was an usherette and I’ve been a cinema fan as long as I can rem­­em­­ber. At school I would tell friends ‘I’m going to build one in my garden’. They didn’t believe me.”

Andy, pictured with the huge projector, says he’s long been a cinema fan

Anderson’s creation mirrors picture houses of the 1930s with red plush cur­­tains and seats but also has a 1970s feel.

The 40ft long, 22ft wide and 20ft high brick building is adorned with an ABC sign and takes up half of the garden of his three bed-semi in Stoke-on-Trent.

It features a 17ft by 7ft screen, authentic projection box, retro black-and-white toilets and a foyer with a concessions stand offering popcorn and sweets.

Like all ABC theatres, Andy’s has a kiosk serving popcorn and snacks

Anderson couldn’t find enough original ABC carpet so he had a replica woven.

He said: “It set me back a few thousand but was well worth it’. He all he needs are neon lights before he can host his own premier to family, friends and members of the Cinema Theatre Association, who will not be charged.

He has even bought wife Jayne, 47, an old ABC uniform so she can be involved.

And what will be the first film shown? Anderson is in no doubt: “Either Back to the Future or Dirty Dancing .”

Andy is a massive Back To The Future fan and can’t wait to show the movie

Anderson’s wife Jayne says she is ‘proud’ of her film fanatic husband of 17 years.

“He’s done a fantastic job and I love spending time down there,” she said.

“Anderson’s done all the work. Every weekend, any spare time, he’s been down there. I’ve been the tea maker and patient wife.

“Any savings from when we’ve moved house have been poured into this so that he could fulfill his dream.

“My role is going to be manning the sweet counter and I’ve got a special outfit for when I hand out the ice creams at half time!”

ABC Cinemas, founded in 1927, had more than 400 theatres in their heyday before multiplexes in the 1980s dealt them a crushing blow.

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