Dead By Daylight Patch 4.7.1 update released, features a lot of bug fixes

The 4.7.1 update to Dead by Daylight is termed a “bugfix patch”, meaning it does not add anything new to Dead by Daylight, but consolidates the existing infrastructure of the game. Quite often, these are the most important patches since they keep the game from falling into Cyberpunk-like hell. With the importance of this update out of the way, let’s get right into it and look at what the patch is bringing us.

Good news for Xbox players!

Over the past weeks, Xbox players were left scratching their heads when the game crashed consistently when they tried to sign out of an account. Well, Behaviour has finally confirmed via the patch notes that this issue has been fixed, meaning Xbox users can finally play the game on multiple accounts in peace!

Blight’s rush was nerfed-good riddance!

Recently, several users have been exploiting the fact that the maximum turns per frame were not set for Blight’s rush when using high sensitivity settings. What this meant is that the Blight rush on high sensitivity could pull off inhumane and unfair turns in order to reach its targets, and often ruined the experience for its opponents.

Now, Behaviour has set a maximum turns per prame limit for the Blight rush on high sensitivity and even gone the extra mile to increase controller sensitivity and controller maximum turn rate for the Blight’s rush. Safe to say, Blight will not be overpowered anymore in Dead by Daylight!

Several bug fixes!

Apart from the two major changes to the game that fans were begging for above, Behaviour has also released several other small to medium-sized bug fixes along with this update. This includes the laughable glitch that caused the wrong first-person animation to play when playing with Charlotte on the Twins, remember that video that went viral? Also, a few streamers on twitch were pointing out that a survivor’s right arm was misbehaving when holding a firecracker. That’s fixed now as well!

For the full list of all the fixes, this patch brings, see here.

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